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In one way or another I have been making photographs since I was in the fourth grade.  I'll never forget the first time I developed a roll of tri-x film and then made prints from the negatives.  It was truely a magical experiance.  

From that day on I dreamed of working as a photographer.  Not just a photographer a photojournalist.  Telling stories with a camera. Travelling the world camera in hand.  That was what I wanted.  That is what I got. 

I began a career in photojournalism in 1992 in Bozeman Montana and worked at a variety of newspapers for 10 years enjoying every minute.  I was seeing and experiencing things that few people had the opportunity to see and feel.  Not only did I have a front row seat to the events that I covered but I had the honor of sharing my images with the world.   I had a ticket to the world in my press pass and camera. Nothing could have been better. Almost twenty years later I still feel the same.

Today I work regularly for World Wrestling Entertainment a global multi media corporation.  My job is to produce high quality imagery that appears in Television, Magazines, Promotional Posters, Corporate Reports, Advertising and WWE.com.  I can't think of any type of photography work that I haven't done while working for the WWE.  The types of assignments span live action, portraiture, architectural photography, multimedia presentations and unfortunately on occasion, acting.  

My heart and my roots lie in photojournalism and today I still work regularly for a number of clients in the editorial field. 

My home is in Fairfield Connecticut.  I am the proud father of three married to the most beautiful and kind woman I could have ever hoped to meet. Rounding everything out and providing much comic relief are two Labrador retrievers and a couple of fish and a frog.  

I have been blessed to have such a happy life.  

I look forward to hearing from you.


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